About Magician Singapore

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Work had been the number one priority for many living in Singapore. The fast paced and hectic lifestyle had resulted in many parents neglecting their child. With the highly competitive environment in school these days, kids are busy mugging in their studies. Children these days are being deprived of happy occasions. They are no longer feeling as happy as the kids of the past, say some 20 years ago. Life had become stressful for everyone!

Therefore, Magician Singapore is born with the aim to alleviate the burden faced by mothers, fathers and even children in Singapore on the lack of time to finding the right person to celebrate any occasion for kids. What most children need nowadays is the feeling of being treated important by their parents, and happiness seems to be the no. 1 priority in the life of many kids.

About Magician Singapore


Our Mission

Magician Singapore aims to be the leading website in Singapore providing with everlasting joy and happiness to you and your kids, and to make your event a special and memorable one. Thereby, to make you a returning customer again and again.


Why book Magician Services from Magician Singapore?

We carefully chose our Magicians to partner with, and we had taken into consideration the fact that they are in this line of business for many many years. With positive feedbacks from their happy satisfied customers all these while, we do believe that together in synergy, we can create a difference in your child and make the occasion a special and memorable one.

We believe in adding values to you and your child’s life:

  • Be rest assured that the price you pay are the same whether you are booking directly from our partner or through us.
  • Feel the confident that you will receive great entertainment during this event
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that our services and performance are done by our experienced entertainers


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