Face Painting for Kids Singapore

A Few Tips for Painting your Kids’ Face

Many kids love to have their faces painted and kids in Singapore are not an exception. In fact, face painting has become such a relevant business in Singapore during birthday parties and various kids’ festivals. There are various face painting for kids designs that face painters use on kids and these include fairies, cats, dogs and much more. Many entertainers in Singapore offer these services, but it is important for you to find out some information about it rather than hire one blindly. In addition, you can buy the face paints and brushes and do the painting on your own if you have the time.

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Hiring a professional face painter for your children’s event

Free hand face painting for kids can be a bit tricky and calls for conciseness because you do not want to waste much time painting and erasing. If you are the clumsy type and you are worried about messing up, you can rely on face painting stencils that are available at a store near you in Singapore.

Most likely, you will invite different kinds of entertainers for your kids party, including magicians. It would be better if you could book a package that includes face painting so that you let experts paint those beautiful patterns on the kids’ faces.

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If you want to DIY face painting for your kids entertainment

If you are throwing a party for your children and you intend to have all the children’s faces painted, the cost of hiring a professional might prove a bit overwhelming. In this case, DIY might sound like an ideal option. However, the steps and procedures of doing it can pose a challenge to many beginners. Thankfully, face painting for kids is quite an easy procedure and the biggest tip is to get the correct products and paint away. Insist on non-toxic products and avoid using acrylics and other harmful paints on your child’s skin. Here are more tips to ensure that you get it right when face painting your kids:

  • Invest in the right productsQuality face painting for kids products are expensive but if you buy in bulk, you might get a discount. Buy different colors and see what works for each kid.
  • Avoid brushingIf you intend to attend to a large group of kids, avoid using a brush and instead use a sponge especially to add a base color. Besides, sponging saves you much time than brushing and considering that you will be painting a large group, you are better off sponging on their little faces.
  • Be patient and avoid thick coatsChildren get excited over simple treats such as face painting. Be ready to handle a rowdy and overexcited group of kids. This calls for utmost patience. Allow the base coat to dry before applying a second coat and then the finish. Apply thin coats because thick coats crack easily.
  • Give kids the freedom to chooseAssuming that you will be having a booklet showing various designs for face painting for kids, give each kid a chance to choose the face design that they want. You will be surprised to learn that kids know what they want.
  • CreativityIf you intend to add special effects as an incentive to the kids, you might need to get a tad creative. For instance, if you intend to create effects such as bumpy nose or cheeks, let the sponge soak in the paint longer (this paint will act as glue), then place it on the nose or cheeks, sprinkle flour and then blot with an absorbent tissue. The effect will be amazing.
  • Wiping off the paintAs much as it is fun and exciting, face painting can be really messy and you will need more baby wipes to wipe off your hands and their faces after the party is over and done.

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