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Singapore is not only the main hub of business in the entire southeast Asia but it is also a one stop art center for people who would like to embellish their body with glitter tattoo. Why do many people prefer the glitter tattoos to the other types of tattoos? First, this artwork on your body is painless. It can also be done fast and the good thing is that there are so many tattoo artists who offer the same. This means that you need not dent your wallet to look awesome.

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Who can wear glitter tattoos?

Glitter tattoo designs are worn by even Hollywood celebrities. It seems they are the new chic way of looking cool in the market and there is no reason why you should not go for one. As opposed to the airbrush tattoos that come in the black ink only, the glitter tattoos come in many colours, as many as you would like. This way, if you are hosting a party and you would like all the guests to wear tattoos, there can be as many colours as there are guests. These tattoos are temporary and they can be removed easily later. Thus they are not only good for grown-ups, but they are also great for children as they can be washed clean off their skin later.

Who can do glitter tattoo designs? If you are holding a party for your children, you need to hire an artist to do the tattoos from home. This makes it even easier as you do not have to herd everyone to a tattoo studio to have them done. If you buy your stencilling kit form a reputed tattoo kit supplier online or offline, you can be assured that you are buying dermatologist-tested products that cannot do any harm even to the most sensitive skin. If you have many kids to tattoo, you can have about 10 or 12 of them done in one hour. This means that you will not need to pay any extra fees if you invited a tattoo artist over to your home to do the job.

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Book glitter tattoo artist by the hour

There are waterproof glitter tattoos that your guests can wear them longer, to remind them of the awesome moments they had at your house. This is just one of the considerations that you have to bear in mind before you can hire a tattooing artist to come over to your home.

You need to know about the charges. This is very important and you also need to know about how many tattoos can be done in a given time, say in about one hour. Since booking an artist will require you to pay by the hour, there could be extra fees for any extended time. Luckily, most people who offer glitter tattoo services in Singapore will have most of the charges fixed. If you are unclear of this, drop them a call or message, which are found on the website. The best time to pull off a perfect tattoo is 3 to 5 minutes. With that in mind, you can be able to calculate how much you are willing to pay depending on the given rate and the number of guests coming over.

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You will be spoilt for choice on the glitter tattoo designs

There are so many tattoo choices, some for kids and some for adults. No matter how choosy someone is, there will be an appropriate tattoo to suit their fancy. When looking for the best glitter tattoo services in Singapore, look for service provider that offers tribal tattoo designs, flower glitter designs, butterfly and fantasy birds, fantasy animal and superhero toons glitter tattoo designs, to name but just a few of the available varieties. If you are having birthday party. glitter tattoos are included in some of these birthday party packages as well.

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