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How to Plan a Successful Magic Show for Your Kid’s Party

Magic ShowA magic show is an excellent idea for your child’s party, especially on occasions including their birthday. However, before you think about bringing in a magician into your childrens parties, consider evaluating the available options in our Singapore city. Some magicians are suited for adult audiences while others are good with children.

Therefore, it is important to know whether the performance of a particular magician will sell and appeal to your child and their friends.

Children have a short concentration span and hence they barely have time for elaborate magic concepts. All they need is something quick to understand and have fun with the entertainers. See image on the right above for our featured magician cum entertainer!

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Magic Show for Young Children in Singapore

Hiring a party entertainer magician will be a very special treat for your child. Time and again, it had proved that magicians never fail to make the day memorable for children. Getting one will make the day more memorable than any other gift that they will receive from you or their friends.


Tips on Organizing a Successful Magic Show for your Child’s Party

With the many professional magicians available today, you will find one that will take the event by storm. Here are some tips to ensure the success of the magic show:

  • Do not wait for the last minute – Kids birthday parties involve many activities. Therefore, you will need enough time to get everything in order. Plan a month or so ahead of the big day. Here are some birthday party package offered by
  • Book the magician as early as possible – Magicians in Singapore are always in high demand. If you do not book yours in advance, it might be impossible to get one to grace your child’s birthday party.
  • Discuss about their performance – It is important to discuss about the performances they do at such parties. You can also make some suggestions for customization to make the party special for your kid. While discussing about the products they will offer, let them know about the age of your child and the kind of audience that you will have. That way, they will be able to tailor something that will be acceptable to all children who will be present at the event.
  • A magic show is best enjoyed with other people. Certainly, it will not be memorable if your kid will sit and watch the magician without company. So, make sure to send out invitations to their age mates in good time.
  • Involving the children fully in the show will make the day more beautiful. You can ask the magician to incorporate roving magic tricks in their show so that the children can have an opportunity to participate in the magic performances.
  • Ensure that everything marries with your theme – Whatever the magician performs in your child’s party should be aligned with the party theme. Nowadays, some skilled magicians do offer you a customized package that will rhyme with the theme of the party.

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