Bouncy Castle Rental Singapore

How To Find Great Bouncy Castle for Rental

Are you having a birthday party for your child and have no idea on how to spice up the event? You can rely on the services of bouncy castles. Bouncy castle rental is catching up in Singapore and many parents are finding it very convenient to employ these services to add more fun to their kids’ events. It is every parent’s desire to spoil and overwhelm their children on their birthday. Every kid wants to have the most outstanding party that will be the talk of town for days to come and it is up to the parents to fulfill such desires.

Bouncing castle rental in Singapore comes in all sizes, shapes and colors. These bouncing castles usually take up the look of popular cartoon characters shown on various TV channels in Singapore. These bouncing castles have bouncy sliding areas and don’t be surprised to learn that these bouncing castles appeal to adults as well. Bouncing castle rentals in Singapore has adult themes and does hire out for corporate, weddings and fundraising events.

Did you know it is better to hire such things as bouncing castles as part of a package, rather than as stand-alone items? When you are organizing an event, you will need many entertainment services and when you hire everything in one package, you will get better value for your money than when you hire everything singly. If you will need kids face painting services, magic show, balloon sculpting and many more, you will find ‘all of them on offer with the companies that offer rent of bouncy castle.

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Factors to consider before renting a bouncing castle in Singapore

  • Purpose and audience – Before contacting a bouncing castle service provider, consider the main purpose of hiring one. In addition, sift through your guest list and to be sure that the crowd will enjoy playing on the inflatable. If you are throwing a birthday party for your kids, it is understood that the kids will have fun bouncing away on the inflatables because kids are simple and easy to please as compared to adults.
  • Theme and size – If you are renting the inflatable for your kids focus on cute childish themes such as cartoon characters and get a sizeable inflatable. However, if you are hosting a corporate event, you might need to insist on the corporate theme and colors as well as a big inflatable.
  • Reputation – If you are hunting for a company that offers bouncing castle rental, then you might want to go for a company that has a good reputation. Since there are many companies that give bouncing castle rental services in Singapore, take your time to research on the best. Browse through their services, and get to understand their experience, services, reliability and variety. While at it, compare different quotations as well as special discounts. Pay a physical visit to the one that impresses you so that you can see the bouncing castle and discuss the details face to face. The provider must set everything up, drop and collect after the event is done.
  • Certification – For safety, ensure that you get a bouncing castle that is certified. Check that the bouncing castle models guarantee you high quality play and safety. In addition, a certified bouncing castle has met various conditions such as initial and annual testing and it is authorized for commercial use. This means that you do not have to worry about dangerous hazards that you might encounter while using the inflatable in the middle of the event.
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