Candy Floss Machine Rental Singapore

Some Tips for Renting a Candy Floss Machine

In Singapore, arranging a party is not hard. There are so many party ideas for you to try out. Whether you are holding a wedding, a corporate event, or just a garden party with your friends, candy floss machine rental in Singapore can make it more memorable for you and your guests. Candy floss is a delicacy that is relished by both adults and children.

The candyfloss machine can provide mouthwatering snacks to your kid’s friends on their birthday. Certainly, if you have an event, buying a machine for making candy, will not be feasible unless you are into commercial business of selling candy. Renting saves you a lot of money.

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What does candy floss rental package include?

  • Well-maintained and clean candy floss machine rental, which consists an acrylic screen and trolley.
  • Continuous supply of flavored and colored sugar
  • Two operators (optional)
  • Bamboo sticks to hold cotton candy
  • Delivery
  • Collection of the machine after the event

Using a candy floss machine does not really need you to be an expert but for good measure, you can ask whether the provider will let give you a quick go-through. It is easy and fun to operate. If you want to cut cost, you can do away with the operator expert and become the candy maker of the day.

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How to go about using a candy floss machine?

  • Unpack the candy floss machine rental from the package box. Familiarize yourself with all the parts by using the provided manual. Station it strategically, preferably where pets or children will not come around. The plugging power wire should be kept away from traffic.
  • Switch on the candy maker about 7 minutes before you start making the candy. When it is fully warmed, it is now ready to use.
  • Using the scoop provided in the kit, take 2 scoops of granulated sugar and pour it into the extractor and spread evenly.
  • Turn the machine on and wait for about 4 minutes for the candy floss to form.
  • Use a paper cone and place under the extractor. Gradually, pour on the cone the candy until it is full.

Although it is not hard to operate a candy floss machine rental, there are certain things that you need to know to produce delicious and inviting candy floss.

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Tips on making great candy floss for your party and events

  • Too much floss will ruin your candy. For the best results stick to the guidelines that come with the kit. In most cases, it is recommended that you put one flat scoop in 2.5kg of pure granulated sugar.
  • Keep your floss container closed at all times while you will be making the candy. This powder formula does not contain anti-clumping agents. If left exposed, it might form clumps and even if it does not damage the quality of the product but it might alter the texture of the candy.
  • Tubs are better for storage than paper cones. They keep the candy as fresh as possible and they can be reused for another event.
  • For cotton candy floss, bamboo sticks are a great option as compared to plastic sticks and in particular in children’s events. Mostly, candy floss machine rental comes with bamboo sticks.
  • Lastly, hire a candy maker that suits the size of your event. Usually, most companies that provide these machines for hire in Singapore have varying machines tailored for different occasions and needs.

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What happens at the end of Party & How to proceed?

After enjoying your candy, you do not have to do a thing more. Magician Singapore service provider of the machine rental will send their field people to collect it back. Now, you can enjoy convenience and book your rental of machine online. It will be delivered to your doorstep or to the venue of the event.

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